St Anne's & St Joseph's RC Parish

——  Accrington • Diocese of Salford  ——

St Anne's & St Joseph's
RC Parish

—  Accrington • Diocese of Salford  —


St Anne and St Joseph RC Primary School

St Anne and St Joseph RC Primary School
Sandy Lane

Executive Head: Mrs  S Colbeck

Tel: 01254 233 019

Our Mission

Our Mission is to ‘Let Love Dwell Here’
We are a family of faith and learning; following in Jesus’ footsteps, doing the best to be the person God wants us to be!

Our Vision

Our curriculum is designed to have faith and love at its heart, with children developing a sense of belonging to both our Parish and local community as they journey through school. It is designed to value each child, allowing them to develop their God given gifts. Our curriculum will encourage the highest aspirations for all members of our school family, helping pupils become independent learners who have the resilience to persevere, confidence to rise to all challenges and have empathy for all around them.

Mount Carmel RC High School

Mount Carmel RC High School
Wordsworth Road

Headteacher: Mr X Bowers

Tel: 01254 233 458

Our Mission

We are a loving Family
We are a welcoming, inclusive and sharing community where every person is loved and able to flourish.
We exemplify a family of Christ; a family built on unconditional love, forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance.
God’s children, your children, our children

We are a visible Family of Faith
We are all on a Christ-centred journey, supporting everyone with spirituality, compassion and tolerance.
Faith is embraced, nurtured and grown.
We are ambassadors for Christ, through charity, stewardship and participation.

We are an ambitious Family of Faith and Learning
Our work extends beyond the classroom;
a commitment to curiosity and creativity everywhere.
Every person is encouraged and supported to reach the widest horizons as a unique, courageous and resilient child of God.


St Anne’s, Cobham Road,
Accrington, BB5 2AD.
Tel: 01254 232 920

St Joseph’s, Belgarth Road,
Accrington, BB5 6AH.


Rev Fr Francis Wadsworth (parish priest)
Rev Fr Robert Livesey (retired)

Parish Administrator

Mrs Siobhan Wood
Tel: 01254 232 920

Office Hours

Mon: 8:30am to 12:30pm
Tues, Thurs: 8:30am to 1:30pm